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WiFi Analyzer Premium Free Download for Android

This is one of the best apps to optimize and analyze your WiFi. All you have to do is to turn your android device into WiFi Analyzer. This wonderful tool will recommend the best channel and place for your network based on your location.

Features of WiFi Analyzer Premium

Let's see some of the amazing features of WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer Premium comes with a WiFi Optimizer feature for Interference Issues. This helps to decrease interference and increase connection speed and stability.

For Nearby APs, it comes with a Channel Analyzer. It has Real-time data, distance calculations, and History of signal strength. It supports 2.4GHz/5GHz and you can even view all the Hidden WiFis. With this app, you can copy MAC address, export Graphs and view information about your connection. After analyzing, you can easily connect to open WiFi networks within the app. Channel Optimizer and many more features.

With the Premium version of WiFi Analyzer Premium, there are no Ads. For Android 6.0, it requires location access for all new apps in order to scan WiFi. The best thing is that this app doesn't track you and does not collect your location.

User Reviews

I just purchased the app so I am not going to criticize it at this time only to say that the user manual is created with white text on a black background. I wanted to print it out on paper so as to reduce the eye strain of reading it on the computer. Because of the black background, if I were to print it out, it would use an entire toner cartridge (I'm guessing). I would recommend recreating the PDF with black text on a white background. At least the 11 pages after the title page. ~ Max.

By far the best app I've found to analyze the WiFi airspace. It's also well worth the minor charge to remove ads and provide a further diagnosis. You can locate access points by walking around with your phone watching the live signal strength meters rise as you approach the transmitter. Works on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. ~ Kerry.

The app seems to perceive virtual APs (additional ESSIDs advertised by the same transmitter) as interference. Also, there is no difference between 20MHz, 40MHz and 80MHz channels. Otherwise, it's a great app. ~ John.

I tried the free version for a few minutes and decided to purchase the Pro version. Fantastic WiFi analyzer! I had to replace the abandoned WiFi analyzer app I had used for many years and this is even better. ~ Kurt.

Used the free WiFi Analyzer app first and was amazed by the layout and colours as well as the service is provided, allowing me to configure my Netgear router for a greater improved wifi reception. As a result, video streaming and online gaming have improved, with no dropouts or buffering. Happy to pay for this app and keen to see what the premium can do! Thank you to the developer! ~ Daniel.

This app does just what it promises, although I quickly paid the $2.99 for an upgrade to the paid version for the most important features for me, which were the analytics. My Chromebook's wifi performance has measurably improved! ~ Peter.

Good tool. Helped me tweak my 3 different routers to obtain the best case. As far as GUI the icons for selecting analysis and other features need to be larger. Have to use the stylus to select them as fingers are too big. The screen icon for the paid version is not clear. Probably saved at too low a resolution. Otherwise, as I said, this can be a useful app if you're trying to configure your Wi-Fi network.~ Cornor.

WiFi Analyzer Premium me so much! I don't know much about techy stuff like this but I was still able to solve the mystery as to why my internet suddenly started crashing literally every other second. I'm lost when it comes to SSN's and VPN's or any other ABC terms used for wifi/IT stuff but the user guide on this app made it all much more understandable. I was even able to use the information I gathered from this app to fix my crashing wifi. ~ Mathew.

Great app for troubleshooting customer's home network for dead spots when using WIFI in large homes. I'm a cable TV technician and I use this app to confirm the best location to place there modem and router for the best results. ~ Andrew.

Excellent app, WiFi Analyzer Premium really helped me set up my new fiber broadband. At first only half of my devices could see my wifi hub. Once I realized that older devices use the 2.4 GB signal and newer ones use the 5 GB signal. This app makes it easy for me to assign a different channel than the default one for my 2.4 GB devices. Wouldn't have had a clue otherwise. ~ Willy.

One of the missing features in the last tab in the AP graph is about channel width (20/40/80mhz) or if you can add details like about supported 5ghz or 2ghz, AP brand model. A supported protocol like g,n,ac. I think if you add these details, this app becomes the best wifi analyzer in Play Store. I tested near 20 apps this one is one of the most completed apps. ~ Mary.

App Information

Size: 1.9M

Requirement: It requires Android 5.0 and up

Content Rating: Rated for 3+

Offered By Abdelrahman M. Sid

Download WiFi Analyzer Premium

You can get the latest version of WiFi Analyzer Premium for Android from Google's app store.

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