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PowerAudio Pro Music Player App Download for Android Phones

PowerAudio Pro Music Player is among the best and highest rated music player and downloader. With feature-packed, clean and user-friendly interface, it brings music experience to the next level.

The stock or default music player might not meet your requirements or provides you some extra features. In such a situation, we always look for a better music player with feature-rich. If you are one such person, PowerAudio Pro Music Player is a good choice.

Features of PowerAudio Pro Music Player

PowerAudio Pro has a clean interface, easy to use and good audio quality. PowerAudio Pro supports all the major audio formats such as mp3, m4a, amr, wav, aac, ogg and many more. This music player app has a powerful equalizer with Virtualizer and BassBoost. It also has an Equalizer with various presets that you can choose. With its beautiful design layout, users can easily browse songs by albums, artists, favorites or playlists.

This app provides a separate tab for various features. The app assign tabs for all your favorite tracks, that allow you to add your songs to your favorites tab from any tab. It also supports custom playlists, where you can create your own playlists with your favorite tracks.  You can choose from a variety of music presets or create your custom preset.

The player has the ability to select multi songs, Custom queue and Repeat or shuffle tracks. It also sorts songs by name or date in the Playlist, and Play the next option as well. PowerAudio Pro Music Player automatically detects external headphone and supports pause on disconnect. Other notable features are the ability to set your favorite song as your phone ringtone. Deleting and editing playlist and the ability to sort songs by date added. It also gives users the song's codec details such as bitrate, sample frequency, channels, etc. Users can also easily share their music files with various social media platforms.


This app has all the features that I want or need for now, and it's way snappier than other players. Add ing a feature to make a playlist from a specific folder instead of choosing from a long list of songs would be good. That is my only issue with this app. This app beats Google Play Music by a long shot.

The Pro app is actually good! But I have this issue where I click an album folder, the background theme seems to glitch in white color. But I'm able to click on the songs on the screen without seeing the texts as it's also white in color. After refreshing the app many times and setting the theme to Black mode, it still doesn't fix the glitch.

The app works fine and also the looks of things it is very good. however, the default sound or the equalizer I think is not good enough. But anyway I know they can fix that or change.

You get what you need, nothing less, nothing more. This app is useful but it doesn't get some kind of special features or something else. The equalizer is average, the environment is lightweight and doesn't include annoying ads, I like that. It deserves the time to take a look at it.

The best music reproduction I've ever had, nice visualization if you have your music in order with covers. A music reproduction should be able to show all my music libraries properly and this one does it. The equalizer could be better but it does a very good job. Last recommendation a bit more of an effort with covers of FLAC archives.

It's worth a dollar and comes with all of the complications that statement brings. I'll add new music to my phone, the app will see it but won't be able to play it until three days later, and I'll have to delete the original entry for the song because now there are two entries for the song, and the only one can be played.

Excellent app. Hope it gets a function that allows us to change the speed of a song, change the pitch of a song as well as be accessible from a phone's lock screen.

Excellent application for audio system extremely good must install everyone for the better music player just increase full virtualization of the setting but keep the bass boosted to 50% you'll feel like Heaven listening to songs.

This app is very good. It is fast, simple, very nice in general. The one thing that I wish was in the app, which was in a previous version, is the CD/album button. I separate by artist and that feature was very useful. I'm not sure why the dev team would take it out. There are other bugs like when I'm touching the screen when opening up the app, it loads in between songs/albums. Also, the slider/scrubber messes up when playing a long audio file. But besides these small issues, it is very good.

A very nice, easy to use audio player. I always like to see a folder option so my music is in the same order my folders are. This isn't an in-depth review because I've only used the app once or twice but that was enough for me to give a five-star rating. I highly recommend this app.

Excellent app. It has everything you need, with a great design and simple controls it's everything you need. It can open and play any audio file I throw at it. Works beautifully with Bluetooth headphones.

Got it free off a promo. I gave 5 stars for the simple fact you can put an image as a background. Also, this music player recognizes folders. Which is how I store my favorite songs, instead of using playlists.

This is the best app for hearing songs provided it doesn't have ads even if the net is on. It also increases the bass of songs if done so manually from the given option, it doesn't increase the bass of already bass boosted songs but it increases the bass of any normal song. It even has a option in notification to close it and doesn't open up in background unless opened or songs are running. The sound quality is also good. But you should only increase bass if you don't know about song equalization.

First of all, this is absolutely the best music player that I've tried. It gives a lot of opportunities to customize your listening experience. Love the in-built EQ, gives a lot of flexibility. Although, could you look into integrating this with Wear OS? If it's possible, I'd like to be able to control my music while playing with this. Overall, worth the price!

A simple and easy to use. UI may seem like a bit too old for now, but this app offers simplicity. I love listening to songs with a variety of genres and moods, thus creates a playlist every day, but I love to do so with minimum interaction to my phone, unlike other apps where my precious 10 to 15 minutes goes waste for creating playlists. And this app lets me do so.

I think that the devs for this app, don't get the appreciation they deserve. I know all apps are going to have bugs and that's how you find them, trial and error. But negative comments don't get those things fixed. Who would want to fix and critique things for people that don't appreciate all the hard work they have done?.

The best equalizer settings on any player I've ever seen. With 5 sets of frequencies, Bass boost, and virtual surround, it delivers impeccable range of your audio file. At least for my ears, it is the best sounding player between standard google player, Winamp pro and Onkyo HF player.

Permissions Required by PowerAudio Pro Music Player app:

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to find songs on storage.
INTERNET: to download album arts.
WAKE_LOCK: to play music in the background.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to delete or modify playlists and songs.
WRITE_SETTINGS: to set Ringtone.

App Info:

Size: 4.3MB
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Offered by Poweraudio Team

Download PowerAudio Pro Music Player App

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store. Please be aware that there are similar names. Look for PowerAudio Pro Music Player by Poweraudio Team. Just to Play Store search. Or you can directly download PowerAudio Pro Music Player App for Android.

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