Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Panda Gamepad Pro Free Download for Android devices

Panda Gamepad Pro is a wonderful keymapper which is specifically designed for gamepad.

Some of the main unique features of Panda Gamepad Pro are:

1. You can run or load games directly without the need to clone.
2. Google Play login Support.
3. This app is legit and it doesn't get banned by developers of the games where running of duplication is not allowed.

Things to know before download:

1. Please note that this app supports only Gamepad. It won't support a keyboard or mouse won't work.

2. This app requires PC activation or root. In order to activate PC, you must connect your PC to your phone and run the Panda Gamepad Pro Activator. After this, you can plug out your phone.

3. The app is still in the development stage and it might have some performance issue.

4. It supports nearly all kinds of brands of the gamepad.

5. If your gamepad has some issues or doesn't work you can use this feature to correct it, as it supports gamepad calibration.

6. One of the best things about this app is that it supports nearly all apps & games.

Some User Reviews:

Lee: Absolutely awesome amazing! Paid for it to try using my Xbox one controller with the call of duty mobile and it works flawlessly. Button assignment for each button on the overlay screen for the controller on your phone or tablet just as if you were sliding your fingers across the screen. If you want to play the shooting games without holding your device, it basically makes you have a mini Xbox one through your phone or tablet. Move this comment too. So they can see works on the call of duty mobile.

Ray: After doing a few steps to get everything going with its unique activation process. My hopes of purchasing this mainly for call of duty mobile is working as I hoped. Make sure you grant: "Draw over other apps, disable battery optimization, enable USB debugging to run the activation script. Which is available from an external site included within the app after purchase. After I successfully activated the app, everything was pretty smooth. I was able to map my Xbox controller without any issues

Mathew: Make sure USB connecting has to properly connect to your computer. We cannot simply plug in the USB cable to PC. For me, I have tried multiple times to get activated. But now I fix the problem by myself. First, you have to install an application to support your device. For example, my Phone is Huawei, and I have to install HiSuite on my computer. After installing, plug in your USB cable and your computer will verify your device. After verification, follow the steps given by the application.

Jay: App works good with xb1 controller - Fix the no sound issue. Add a feature, so you can have different custom keypad mapping settings saved, so we do not have to rearrange the buttons all over again when switching to a different game mode/game.

John; It works and it was going good until I couldn't remove the USB cord without or needing to reactivate, but if they can fix that then it would be great again.

Castro: Does exactly what it says. But when turning off the Device PHONE then when turning on the device. We have to connect the phone back to the Computer to ACTIVATE again the Panda Gamepad. So I give 4 Stars.

Rose: It gave me problems within few seconds of activation it automatically diactivated. please solve this problem I'm very thankful to you if you look at this matter.

Mark: Great app, does what it says which is let you play with any Bluetooth controller. great job devs. one problem worth pointing out, every time I close and reopen the app I need to do the activation again. if this can be fixed through future update I will 5 stars this review.

Milo: It seems that now activation is checked based on whether or not you actually purchased it. The unnecessary permission requests have been removed as well. It works great now!

Steve: A little bit difficult at first but when I got the activation out of the way it works perfectly. For PUBG though I would go into a game and then click on the panda head to tweak the button position.

Ajmal: Excellent, but when I play cod mobile with ps4 controller the sound of the game turned off until I shut the panda off and it returns back

Murry: Smartphone doesn't make you smart, it is you, make it smart. No PC No Worry. First, root your smartphone and it will be activated by itself after some simple setup

Leo: Now, I can get in a few rounds at work on my breaks. Makes my workday better taking my frustrations out at lunchtime with a few game-winning kills ACTIVATION. The activation is "in my opinion " great for customer quality and piracy protection. It's not far that you pay your good money for a get product and someone backdoors it out for free. Great Job Guys.

App Information:
Size: 6.7M
Requirement:  Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Offered by Panda Gaming Studio

Get Panda Gamepad Pro from Play Store.

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