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KineMaster App Full Version download for Android phones

KineMaster is one of the highest-rated video editor apps and used by millions around the world. It has some amazing tools that one could find in a professional video editing software. It has a clean, user-friendly interface is a full-featured video editor for Android devices. Like some of the most powerful video editing software, Kinemaster supports multiple video layers. Including voiceovers, blending modes, speed control, chroma key, subtitles, transitions, special effects, and many more features. All these features or tools are easy to use. This video editing app is the number choice for YouTubers, video creators, TikTok users, Instagrammers, journalists, marketers, vloggers, and educators.

Features of KineMaster App

These are some of the main features of the KineMaster App.

It supports multiple layers of objects. Layers for video, stickers, images, text, special effects, and handwriting. These are the features that are comparable to professional video editing software.

With this app, you can add voiceovers, sound effects background music, and even voice changers that are useful for YouTubers and others. It also provides amazing Editing tools to trim the video, splice, drag and zoom and cropping. The ability to create startling and beautiful effects and revering videos for a professional and unique look.

Other tools include Speed control for time-lapse and adding slow-motion effects to the video. For sound, it has Equalizer presets, ducking, and volume envelope tools for immersive audio. It also has a Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers to make your video more beautiful. The KineMaster Asset Store provides you music, clip graphics, transitions, fonts, stickers, and more to enhance your video.

You can also apply different color filters to make your video stand out from the rest. The ability to export your finished video in 4K 2160p video at 30FPS. And many, many more tools, options, and settings. You can also directly share your videos on popular social networking platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and more

KineMaster has Free and paid versions. The free version has a watermark that is added to output videos. All the paid or Premium assets and tools are not available with the free version. While the Premium version or subscription gives access to all the tools and without the KineMaster Watermark. You also get access to all items in the KineMaster Asset Store. Subscription to the KineMaster Premium can be made from within the app.

Reviews on KineMaster App

This video editing app is awesome.  I made a glam and Kinemaster had some free stuff thankfully in their little store and it all had what I needed. It surprisingly didn't take long this time. It won't go fast all the time but it's amazing. A lot of GachaTubers use this too. Don't worry you'll get the hang of this one. It's a little confusing at first but then it's super easy to use. No adds pop up either.

I love KineMaster since the seconds I installed it. It might take a while to learn the controls but once you're used to it it's so easy. You can download free music, effects, and you can add images and screenshots to your video. You can also add texts, and cut so the scenes to be longer or shorter. Looking for an easy video editor that is free? Try the KineMaster app.

This app can even do well against PC software. I was surprised when I could do a green screen. The only issue I have found is when you record your voice from the app. The audio seems shaky and corrupt. Just record your commentary through another app and put it over your video and you're good.

From a filmmaker standpoint and as a subscriber the audio options still need a little work. Adjusting the audio levels is key to any video. After the audio has been extracted we need to be able to adjust all levels of audio. Lows, highs, mids, etc. Please add an option to do this. The options we have are great don't get me wrong but it's still lacking in that area. KM is my go-to for editing since I am a strictly mobile filmmaker and better audio options would make this app 100%.

Been using for almost a year now and I have never found a video editor for mobile that works as well as this. They are constantly updating things and adding new features which I love! I hope they add more clip effects in the future since currently, I am using a glitch in combination with this to make music videos.

 Best video editing app I've come across and I've tried just about all of them. It can be a little bit overwhelming or complicated at first but only because it offers everything you will need. Just keep practicing and it will feel a lot more natural using. No more using 2-4 video editing apps on 1 video to get all of the edits. it's all right here.

I had the KineMaster app before but I couldn't use it but then I got better. I decided to get Kinemaster Diamond but then that didn't work so I had to say goodbye to that and now I'm back with my good friend, Kinemaster the original. This is really easy if you practice. I used cute cut before but I couldn't do anything on it. Install Kinemaster right now.

This is absolutely terrific. It's amazing. I don't think I really have anything negative to say about besides how long it takes to process a video.I've used it last year and am downloading it again! I thought something would be easier and cheaper but this is absolutely one of the best.

This is a great app overall, but sometimes it freezes and I have to restart my computer. And sometimes when I try to export my videos, it will just stay at 0% and it won't move even though I have storage space on my computer

Amazing app! A good way to add music, and edit videos. If you're having trouble with anything- like screen moving simply, go look it up before saying its trash. Definitely, you should download, lots of people love this app! It's a def download. One clicks away and you can be an amazing Editor!

I just want to say. This is a very good app. Although I paid for it. It is worth. I have paid for some apps, they were not pro as this one..some of them even were false. Apps, Anyone wants to do subtitle or other video function program, this is the real.

This video editor has very useful features that are easy to learn and use. The available assets will make your videos look professional in the free version. The paid version gives you additional bells and whistles that take your videos to a new level.

It's nice and very helpful. The video can create up to 1020 FHD, not like the other video editing apps they require you to upgrade into premium accounts before you can access that high definition videos.

I love kinemaster, it's fun and easy to edit my videos. Add-ins are easy and you can make quality videos with this app. A lot better than some others I've tried.

This app is Amazing! I Love to make Videos with it, Edit, and much more! its really cool. but a bit too many Ads. Anyway Its really Fun to Edit and make videos with this App, it Reminds me of Powerdirector Its also an app like this Thank you for Reading

Kinemaster is the best software to use for the newbies or for those small budget short movie makers cause it's not only free but you get pretty great editing experience as it has a lot of editing options without spending a penny so just go for it ...I'm making my YouTube videos using this

I love the Kinemaster app its easy to yous and it's free but know when I try to make a video layer it comes all glitchy and says you have reached the max layers so can you fix it Peas I cant make my intro's but its the best editing and making videos app other than that I love KineMaster

I love this video editing app, I use it to make videos of my inspiration. I use this app a lot because I am practicing editing my videos good to become a future YouTuber. I love this app, but as much as I try to make my videos interesting to watch, mostly all of the good transitions, music, sfx, etc. are premium. And paying money per month when you buy premium. I currently have an Android and the editing apps I have aren't as good as my inspirations.

Very impressed by the ease and speed at which I can edit photos and videos, better than programs on a computer. I'm very much a novice but found it very easy to use very quickly. There doesn't seem to be a lot of controls/options for sound - or perhaps I haven't mastered that part yet.

Not only is it free to use, but it's also very easy and sometimes fun too! It helped me make my own videos. I recommend this app to Gachatubers and everyone else looking to make fun videos to watch with others or alone when you're bored!. PS: I do not have anything paywalled so I don't know if anything that costs money is worth the money.

Its a really good editing app! I am so proud to say that the updates have actually made it better. Thank you so much for this app. This app has been rated 5 stars because there are no problems with it on my phone. Great app! Although it costs to take away the watermark I understand why there is a watermark. There is a watermark for everybody to know that is the app you have used and for credit. So the Kinemaster well done you deserve no 1 stars until there are some problems!

I really like this program. It's easy to use! But one slight problem, when I download audio and open the Kinemaster app it doesn't show up, and it appears though, but I have no idea how to make it, it just happens. Other than that I have no complaints.

This app works perfect nobody set ever give this one a dislike I love it so much and if anybody dislikes said I think you're really stupid cuz this isn't a great app. You should use for your intros and outros it works really great now guess what they did now I have my own literally my own YouTube channel and I'm like only like 18 does that work perfectly you guys should get it seriously I'm so serious then afterward grade I love it I will never ever pick another app like never never never never no.

App Information

Size: 77M
Requirement:  Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating; Everyone
In-App Purchases: Yes
Offered by KineMaster Corporation

Download KineMaster App Full Version

KineMaster has two versions, one is the Free version with a watermark that is added to your videos and some Premium tools are not available. With the Premium or subscription, the watermark is removed and all the editing tools are unlocked. You can just head over to Play Store and search for the KineMaster app, and install it. Or get here the KineMaster App full version.

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