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Followers Track for Instagram Free download for iOS devices

Get one of the most powerful, fastest, and accurate Instagram follower tracker. Followers Track for Instagram will help you find out who unfollowed and followed you during any time frame. With this Followers Track for Instagram, you can easily find out who unfollowed you. Even those who don't follow you back, who you aren't following back, and much other analytics.

Some of its features are:

Tracking Followers: Followers Track for Instagram lets you track your new followers. Tracking unfollowers: You can also see who are the persons that unfollowed you. Also, who doesn't follow you back. You can also track your followers that you don't follow back.

Important things to know:

To use this app, you must have an active Instagram account.

This app is not endorsed or affiliated with Instagram.

This app also does not let you gain followers, likes, earn, or purchase followers and is merely a tool to provide you reports and analytics on your Instagram account.

User Reviews:

Followers Track for Instagram works well but the only thing free is who followed you and who unfollowed you. When downloading the app keep in mind that if you want to see doesn’t follow you back, who blocked you, ghost followers, etc. you have to pay per thing. It is slow in sending you notifications when anything changes in your account, the notifications come through nearly 2-3 hours after the changes happened. Faster operating could make the app more worth the money. Joy.

Pretty happy with this overall. I don’t recommend purchasing the deleted likes and ‘who’s blocking me’ upgrades though. Unfortunately, the app can not tell the difference between someone who has deleted their profile and someone who still has an account but has blocked you, leading to countless false positives. Deleted likes pretty much only occur when someone deletes their profile (and accordingly all their likes disappear) as well; it’s a waste of money. The perception pack is pretty good though. John.

A useful app that helps me to separate the wheat from the chaff and gives me an accurate picture of how my profile is perceived. There are some things I don’t understand well yet, like how there can be secret admirers and ghost followers in a private profile. But overall, quite a useful app. There is one weird thing, and that is the app telling me that a follower has “unliked” a photo when, in fact, he or she has not unliked a photo or post. Overall, though, the most useful app. Mary.

I enjoyed using the app and the functions are simple enough to follow. My only qualm with it is that on the homepage it'll show me there are a certain number of people who have unfollowed me but when I click into the menu it will show nothing. I can see my following decrease yet it will not show up on the app itself. Besides that point, everything else works perfectly fine. Kelly.

Very helpful. I find it weirdly therapeutic to clean out my following list every once in a while, this app makes it a lot easier to find accounts I'm no longer interested in. If I could suggest something, it'd be cool if you guys could display the date of each user's last post next to their name on the list. I like to unfollow people who haven't posted in a while and that would make it so much faster. Also, I tried to purchase silver for no ads but it just comes up with an error. Joseph.

An excellent app, simple and effective. The only I can complain about is that when I try to upgrade so I don't have ads and can unfollow an unlimited number of people, I keep getting an error message! Mesak.

I looked around for a bit and couldn't find an unfollow app that wasn't like "Sign up for your 3-second free trial to continue. Only $59.98 an hour." Now I have. A couple ads but honestly I don't mind. Tracy.

Good app for the most part. I wish it had reminders. You can unfollow 50 people per half hour and it shows categories (I'm using those who don't follow back) but it did get me on a 24-hour ban from IG and has some ads. You can go ad-free and it does warn you not to unfollow so many people per day. Gulith.

Comfy! Saves a lot of time of checking users over and over and taking in count how many to delete before a ban! May I suggest a feature? Maybe scan for ghost users? Like, Users that follow you but don't give like nor comment on your posts for long periods of time? It would be a total time saver if we can see a list of those too. Keat.

Had this app for quite a while, forget I even have it to be honest, but each time I do use it I have no issues. I was worried it was using my data and details however I removed all access from other apps to Instagram and the problem has been resolved. The app does exactly what it promises to do, let's you see those who unfollow you, the best app I've used for checking unfollowers would definitely recommend. Mel.

It has been a great experience to have Followers Track for Instagram app. Now I don't have to go check who do not follow me and then go unfollow them I just simply go on this app click on the unfollower and it just does it for me. The people who created this app has done an amazing job. It has helped me a lot. Jessy.

App Information:

Provider: Component Studios LLC
Size: 71.4 MB
Compatibility: It requires iOS 9.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Rating: Rated 4+

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