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FL Studio Mobile App Full Version Download for Android devices

FL Studio App is a wonderful app for people who are involved in a music track project. This beautiful app lets users create their multi-track music projects on their Android devices. The app has the ability to record,  edit, sequence, mix and render and save complete songs or tracks.

Features of FL Studio Mobile App

Let's see some of the main features of FL Studio App. It has high-quality synthesizers, drum kits, sampler, and sliced-loop beats. For fast percussion programming, it has Step sequencer and configurable virtual piano-keyboard and Drumpads as well. Support for MIDI controller with Class-compliant. It also comes with Play instruments and links to knobs/sliders. It has the ability to import and export the MIDI file for a single-track or Multi-track.

A feature for Audio recording including a track-length stem and wav import. It allows users to easily browse sample files and presets with pitchable-preview. Other notable features are the Pan, volume, release and attack time that are configurable per instrument.

The app has a high-quality audio engine for both input and output. However, latency depends on your device. A Mixer tool for Per-track mute, pan, solo, effect bus, and volume adjustment. Various effects such as Auto Ducker, Limiter, Chorus, Distortion, Compressor, Parametric Equalizer, Flanger, Graphic Equalizer, High-Pass, Low-Pass, Band-Pass, Formant Filters, Reverb, Delays, Stereoizer and Phaser to enhance your mix. FL Studio Mobile App also has the Piano roll editor to let you enter notes and chords. You can also edit recorded performances.

The intuitive screen layout is configurable to work with all screen sizes and resolutions. This makes it user-friendly. Users can also save and load their songs, even export to WAV and MP3 files. FL Studio App also allows users to share their favorite songs or latest projects via wirelessly with other FL Studio Mobile Android, iOS and Windows App instances. Not only that, but it also supports full-screen DeX and Chromebook.

Reviews on FL Studio Mobile App

Simply the best DAW for Android. Initially, a steep learning curve but everything is hard before it becomes easy. Once you get your head around how to get what you need from it, it really is simp!e to use. The synths are actually usable with no filler presets, no general midi sounds here people. It comes with a usable sample player if you want gm sounds and a drum sequencer you can load your own drum samples to. Linear timeline rather than just pattern-based events more like a tradigital DAW.

I'm an avid user of this app and have been using it for about 3 or 4 years now. Really is a great app, I've really been able to get around it after adjusting to different devices and sounds. I love it. The only thing I could really wish for is for the image line to develop some kind of AUTOTUNE plugin or effect for certain projects.

It's great. Probably the best mobile DAW for Android devices. I wish someone would make a midi controller that fits around the phone like a game controller. Maybe the midi controller also has a battery that connects and charges the phone too. Even a game controller to scroll through the playlist would be helpful.

I straight-up love it. only one thing is it possible to add a snap for swing beats. or maybe a quantizer feature to make 25%-100% swing, pentuplets, and septuplets for a piano roll? And again reduction meter for Compression. I would also like it if you guys add a bus and send area. So that way I won't have to keep adding Reverb/insert another effect here in a cloned track or add an ability to add several effect tracks to use for one or more tracks.

Best music production app by far. It is well worth the money. If you are wanting to produce professional sounding beats and/or record voice/instruments etc.. then this is the app you want it is not an overly complicated app that is difficult to use or navigate. It is very user-friendly and features a lot of different options. Also, it can be used as a midi controller with the pc version. I honestly can't say enough good things about it. To Improve Add more Packs/Sounds/Instruments.

I'm glad I got this app I've had no distractions at all nothing cracks or pops in the equalizer and the filters just pure unrestricted sound quality. On top of that, I've made several ideas thanks to FL Studio Mobile.

Wonderful and powerful DAW especially if you take into account it runs on your phone. There are some opportunities to be perfect, for example, when you copy paste a clip the selected clip should be the copy and not the original since you copied the clip to modify a second one it in the first place, there should be a function to block the phone status bar to prevent to open it by accident while using the timeline, a better aux track routing and piano roll grid would come in handy as well.

This app is easy to use and very many functions. Honestly, the controls are so simple that you can make the best or loop in some seconds. I love the flat style of everything and how it's made. Awesome! But one little problem. Some synths and sounds are "corrupted". For example, when I just downloaded the app, I used the disco preset. I tried to make some melody with the 'strings' synth.

When you have that melody on your head but you cannot reach your PC yet be like. " Drums, check. Basic instruments, check. Basic mixing, check. If you need a good music-composing app on-the-go, I truly recommend this one. All the basics are provided here. But if you want something more, then I suggest you find the full app for the PC instead.

Really really good for making music fast. Only two problems: 1: Crackly audio 2: When I try to sync my projects with fl studio mobile plugin on my laptop, the audio goes all squeaky and unpleasant to listen to.

So this app has a super large learning curve and is extremely overwhelming in the beginning. But after two or three days, I'm starting to get the hang of some of the basic concepts. After you learn the controls, you realize how well laid out they are. Also, for someone who has little to no experience.

Very pleasantly surprised! I work with DAWs daily, being former FL Studio, now Ableton Live. I didn't expect this app to be actually usable, but boy I was wrong! It's not only usable, but it's so well designed that it's fun. It makes me stray from my desktop for laying down ideas and that's quite an achievement.

Although limited compared to its computer counterpart, this app is incredible for its price. It's so easy to make a song at any time. There is one small problem, in which after a while the app will stop recognizing more than one touch at a time, but restarting the app fixes it. Overall a great app, highly recommended.

This app is a game-changer. I use it every day and I really can not believe there are musicians out there who aren't taking advantage of this. The price is jaw-dropping when you realize what you can actually do with this app. Kyle Beats on YouTube has some excellent videos about this app. He's even sold beats from it. Amazing.

The best multitrack studio in my pocket. I like to layer tracks down when I make music. This app offers built-in midi instruments to further enhance my music creation. Almost all the basic effects you need to post produce your audio file. When searching for a multitrack app, I was searching for something similar to Logic Pro but on Android. This app is the closest one yet.

I believe FL Mobile is simple enough to jump on and learn a few things, and complex enough to take very seriously for real projects. Nothing is perfect but as long as minor technical things get fixed and the app gets occasional updates, you can call me a raving fan.

When I saw this app, I was kind of skeptic if I would buy the app. But I started reading the reviews and people were saying that it is a pretty good app to do some work especially when you always on the road. So, I went ahead and purchased the app and tried out for myself. Honest to say. I really love this app. I would recommend this app to any music producer out there.

However, I did notice a little bug nothing to much but whenever I choose the leveler or the auto duck or filter, reverb, etc. And I try to use one of its presets the name doesn't show what presents I'm using and it still says default. For example, I'm using the Autoduck and I'm trying to use its preset Max Pump. Once I selected my chosen presset it will still show as a default. However, the Auto duck is still working

People say its a good way to make music on the go. Lemme tell ya something: if you take your time and learn the app, you can make pretty good stuff and more than "on the go". I mean, it takes me almost a month just to make a song and there's so much to learn!! And its super fun since its easy xD

App Information

SizeL 5.8MB
Requirement: Android 4.0 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Offered by Image-Line

FL Studio Mobile App Full Version Download

Both the free and paid versions of FL Studio Mobile App are available on the Play Store.  Head over to your Google Play Store app and search for FL Studio Mobile. Or you can directly download FL Studio Mobile Full Version App for Android devices.

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